Trikatu spice blend whole

Trikatu spice blend whole

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Trikatu Spice Blend (whole), organic
Stimulates agni

This is ayurveda's traditional pungent spice mixture, supporting digestion and metabolism. It combines black pepper, long pepper (pippali) and ginger.

Trikatu - an ayurvedic speciality
Although it is spicy, during digestion the pippali and ginger become sweet and thus help to balance pitta.

Net quantity 50 g
Ginger*, black pepper*, pippali*

* certified organic

Storage instructions
Store in cool, dry conditions

Dietary type Vegan

Trikatu is an exceptional mixture for stimulating the digestion in order to improve the breakdown of nutrients. In addition, trikatu burns up ama (metabolic toxins), which makes it excellent with heavy foods and as a purgative in the spring.