Ganesha Kundalini Shakti

Ganesha Kundalini Shakti

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Ganesha is a very popular god of Hindus. Hindu tradition states that Ganesha is a god of wisdom, success and good luck. He is also giver of different types of favours. The Hindu tradition calls Ganesha as the Vighneshvara. “Vighneshvara” in Sanskrit language means one who is the lord of obstacles or difficulties.

He holds a noose, goad, a tusk and boon-giving gesture in his back-left, back-right, front-right and front-left hands and rides a mouse as his vehicle.

Lord Ganesha’s noose indicates that he is capable of liberating us from a noose of infinite birth and death cycle. The noose also suggests us not to get attached to material comforts. The goad shows the Lord’s nigraha shakti(power to subdue/neutralize) all evils and obstacles.
Lord Ganesha trunk is facing straight forward – It signifies that the Sushumna Nadi is entirely open. Such idols are very rare and special. Even more special is the trunk where the trunk is swung upright in the air. It means the kundalini shakti has reached the Sahasrara (crown chakra) permanently.

Height 15cm Width 13 cms
Weight is  1 kg 300 grams