Five Spice blend

Five Spice blend

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Five-Spice Blend, organic
Balancing vata

The famous Five-Spice is very balancing for vata and often used with dahl dishes and vegetables.

Five- Spice originates from Bengal (Indian state) and is extremely popular. By the way, Bengal is famous for its very fine cuisine.

Five-Spice blend, a Bengalian treasure
In Bengal the name for five-spice is pancha phoron. It is very mild and has an interesting taste because of the blend of sweet fennel and bitter fenugreek, along with caraway, cumin and mustard powder.

Net quantity 50 g
Mustard seeds*, cumin*, caraway*, fenugreek seeds*, fennel*

* certified organic

May contain traces of gluten

Storage instructions
Store in cool, dry conditions

Dietary type Vegan