Desserts & Pastries Spice Blend

Desserts & Pastries Spice Blend

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Desserts & Pastries Spice Blend, organic
Balancing vata and kapha

Cinnamom, Cardamom and Coriander simply enrich all kinds of Christmas baking, like gingerbread and Linzer slice, with a delicious ayurvedic flavour.

Sweets & Pastries spice blend for that special taste
This warming and calming spice blend gives the final touch to rice pudding, puddings, compotes or porridge. Balanancing for vata and kapha.

Net quantity 50 g
Cinnamon*, cardamom*, coriander*, Nutmeg*, Clove*

* certified organic

Storage instructions
Store in cool, dry conditions

Dietary type Vegan