TRS Nelken 50g

TRS Nelken 50g

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Cloves are the aromatic flower buds that come from the clove tree in the family Myrtaceae Syzygium aromaticum .Dried flower buds,have a spicy and pungent taste and they add a deep, sweet aroma to dishes.The taste is strong, imparted by the chemical Eugenio, so has to be used in small quantity .Cloves are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti diabetic property ,considered to enhance circulation, digestion and metabolism and control stomach disorders .Just few cloves seeds
contains decent amounts of manganese, as well as fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium.

  • The most common medicinal uses of cloves include treatment for toothache pain, stress relief and inflammation reduction of arthritis and other inflammation. Cloves have a warm, sweet, and easily identifiable flavor, hence used in both sweet and savory preparations. Due to its warm, sweet-spicy taste it plays important role in chai masala, garam masala, and in Chinese five spice powder .




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